Mindfulness at work

Bringing mindfulness and visual awareness into the workplace

The modern workplace is a hectic place with very little time for the individual. With a constant focus on goals and deadlines, stillness is the last thing on on anyone’s mind. However, with nearly 80% of adults saying they experience poor mental health at some point in their life and the UK economy losing billions of pounds due to sickness absence each year, finding time for your employees to be still is crucial.

Bringing mindfulness to the workplace can be hugely helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, by giving employees the tools they need prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. Allowing your team quality time to themselves, rather than a snatched sandwich at their desk, and employing a proactive approach to mental health, you can reduce sickness days by up to 30% (MHFA England).

At Still we aim to provide a two hour session using smartphone photography to allow employees to express themselves through photography.

The workshop is a fun and safe environment designed to open the awareness of delegates and develop their ability to see, be open and accepting. They can truly let their hair down creatively and express themselves.

These special sessions are held over two hours and are aimed at companies who want to support their teams and encourage them to be more mindful in their everyday life and work life to give a better balance.

What we provide: Two trainers - Paul Sanders and Ian Hughes both have their own experiences of mental health problems exacerbated by workplace stress.

Ian was head of communications at Orange and British Telecom, he has built and facilitated a huge number of workshops and seminars aimed at getting the best out of teams in the corporate world

Paul, formerly The Picture Editor of The Times, has led photographic retreats and workshops around the world since leaving The Times in 2011. His recovery from a breakdown has been helped by his passion for photography and the accessibility everyone has to a camera in their pocket.

What you’ll provide: A group of up to 12 people, a conference room and two hours of their time.

Investment: £1200

Sessions are for up to 10 people at a time or can be held as a one-to-one if needed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What sort of photography equipment do I need?

The focus here is on using photography to bring mindfulness to everyday situations, so fancy photography isn’t needed. In fact, all you’ll need is a smartphone.

Will you cover photographic techniques?

We’ll cover some absolute basics – light, balance and composition – because an understanding of these essentials can be empowering in finding the confidence to take photographs. However, the focus is using photography as an aid to mindfulness and reducing stress.


What if our location is less than photogenic?

That’s not a problem. We can either go to a location of your choosing or simply work with what’s around you. This isn’t about shooting beautiful landscape shots, but exploring your relationship with what’s around you, regardless of what that might be.

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