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Mindful photography workshops offer an opportunity to step away from the every day and to discover a different perspective. A chance to pause, to connect with the world around you and use photography as a means to explore how you feel in that moment. Photographic workshops by Still are an immersive and transformative experience that have the power to shift your outlook on life. Mindfulness workshops by Still run in the UK and overseas. Join us for our flagship tour of Romania, or at one of the stunning locations across the UK.

Mindful photography workshops by Still




22nd – 26th January 2020

Join award winning landscape photographer Paul Sanders for an inspiring and breathtaking photographic tour, Transylvania in the Snow.

Discover the real Romania through a diversity of culture and stunning landscape scenery lying peacefully under a white blanket of deep winter snow.

Transylvania has much to offer photographers, from the rugged peaks of the mountains to the rolling fields and rustic farms scattered across the landscape, and gothic castles perched above towns - you will not fail to be inspired.

The workshop will begin in Subiu, where you’ll find the heart of Romanian culture and a city centre steeped in history. We will then head out to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, experiencing the local food and culture, we will pause to capture the masked Festival Agnita along the way.

During the workshop, Paul will introduce you to his mindfulness approach and help you simplify your compositions to capture the minimalist beauty of the winter landscape.

Throughout the workshop you will receive extensive tuition to help you develop your photography skills. Whatever your level of experience, Paul will offer guidance and insight for the technical and creative aspects of your images. You’ll receive image critique during our evening sessions, providing constructive feedback about your photographs.

This workshop is an incredible opportunity to explore your relationship in an unpredictable and unknown landscape, asking you to be truly present and fully engaging with what’s in front of you. You’ll discover the way that everyone adopts their own perspective of the environment that we’re in, and have an opportunity to reflect upon how your perspective mirrors your emotions and view of the world.


  • Romania’s stunning Carpathian Mountain Range

  • Experiencing Real Romanian Culture

  • Led by award winning Landscape Photographer

  • Masterclass in Landscape Photography

  • Suitable for digital and film format

  • All Levels catered for

  • No single room supplement

  • Private English speaking guide and transport


What’s included

  • 1 night 3 star accommodation in Sibiu

  • 3 nights in rural Romanian guesthouse

  • All breakfast & evening meals

  • English speaking tour guide services and driver

  • Airport transfers

  • Transport to all locations

  • Expert Photographic Tuition

What’s not included

  • Flights to Sibiu

  • Lunches, beverages/alcoholic drinks

  • Photographic insurance

  • Travel insurance

Physical requirements

Whilst most of the photographic locations can be reached by road, there will be some walking/hiking on this workshop. The walks will typically be easy to moderate in difficulty and will be no more than 1 mile away. Some hikes may involve moderate elevation gain and walking through deep snow. A moderate level of fitness will certainly help you to enjoy your experience of the workshop.

Cost: £1695 per person (deposit £800 per person)

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Discover Still…


Workshops and retreats based in the UK are hosted in some of the most beautiful and restful areas of this incredible island. The focus is around finding your own vision, and your connection with the locations. We do not rush from place to place collecting classic images - instead, we take our time, considering what each place means to us and thinking about the impact emotionally and visually the place has on us. The time spent in these places is special, it is quality time invested in yourself, for yourself. Though there are a small number of us, you won’t be surrounded by other photographers all shooting the same view.


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Join some of the best photographers in the UK as we explore breathtaking scenery and sweeping landscapes

Workshops by Still are a way of exploring mindfulness through the art of photography. Set in some of the most beautiful scenery and sweeping landscapes that the UK has to offer, join us as we explore how taking time out in nature can inspire you to connect with the environment around you, discover beauty in whatever you might find there, and peace in that moment. During our workshops, you’ll be in the company of some of the UK’s most respected tutors as you explore you relationship with your surroundings, using your camera as a means of expressing your vision and unique perspective.


Orkney Islands Photography Retreat

1-7 March, 2020

Breathe in the wild seascapes of the Orkneys, staying in 4 star waterfront cottages and evolving your landscape photography. Connect to the remote beauty of the Scottish Highlands and re-spark your creativity in this five-day, six-night photographic retreat. Paul Sanders and Margaret Soraya will be your tutors for this incredible retreat.


Lakes & Cakes

15 November, 2019

Discover quiet in the presence of the lakes at Grasmere, Rydal Water, Loughrigg Fell and The Langdales as you create your own vision of this area of sublime beauty, which has inspired some of the worlds’ finest writers and artists. Your tutors, Paul Sanders and Denis Hocking, will guide you through the creative workflow to enable you to get the very best out of this spectacular setting.


Glencoe & Loch Ness

10-16 March, 2020

Connect to the remote beauty of the Scottish highlands and re-spark your creativity in this five-day, six-night photographic retreat with two of the UK’s most respected tutors. This retreat is ideal for those who want to be in nature for its healing properties and beauty. Paul Sanders and Margaret Soraya will be your tutors.



Frequently Asked Questions

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I love your style and would like to learn the technical aspect of long exposure photography. Will you teach me?

Thank you so much. These retreats are designed to focus on the way you see and connect with the world. It’s a hugely personal thing, and the style of photography that you might use is incidental to the greater purpose of helping you to use photography in order to express yourself. Of course I’ll show you photographic techniques but this retreat is not intended to be a photographic workshop in the traditional sense. If you’d like to find out about my one to one tutoring, please contact me and let’s discuss it from there.

Is this therapy?

Based on my personal experience, I believe it’s possible to discover a profound sense of peace and contentment through the art of photography. Photography can also be an immensely powerful tool in expressing and exploring your feelings when words can’t. However, it’s important to know that this is nor therapy in the formal sense, and I am not a trained therapist. What I’ll do is guide you through a process of using photography for mindfulness, encouraging you to consider how the act of really focusing on the present makes you feel.


Can I bring my partner or friend?

The retreat itself is designed to be one to one. It’s hugely personal and I feel that you’ll gain the most value when we’ve created a safe, non-judgemental space just for you. However, the accommodation will sleep two so partners are welcome. There’s an additional £150 to cover food and drink (or they can opt to pay their own meals, if they’d prefer)

I’m a professional photographer. Is this for me?

Retreats by Still are designed to explore the use of mindfulness in photography. Absolutely everyone is welcome, and I believe that almost anyone can gain value from the experience, regardless of your photographic skills or experience. Rather than focus on the technical aspect of photography, we’ll be exploring how you can use photography is a means of exploring and expressing your emotions. If you’re looking for a session that focuses on a particular style, please contact Paul to enquire about arranging a separate workshop for that purpose.


I’m a complete amateur when it comes to photography – will I be able to participate?

Workshops and retreats by Still are open to all levels of photographic experience from smart phone users through to experienced photographers. The focus is on mindfulness rather than photographic ability, and it doesn’t matter whether you use a smartphone or the latest professional equipment – you’ll gain an immense deal from the experience.

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